EnRePower-P is based on the principle of converting industrial waste pressure into electricity. Many industries produce steam at pressure higher than process requirement. They use pressure reducing valves (PRVs) to drop the steam pressure to a desired level, this throttling process results in heavy energy loss. We recover this energy with EnRePower-P technology & enable additional pie of saving without affecting any process parameters.

EnRecover’s state-of-the-art technology enable industries to capture this waste energy through its EnRePower-P system in parallel with an existing PRV. This allows on-site generation of electricity by maintaining process pressure at desired level, this enables saving money and increasing overall system efficiency of the customer.

Energy recovery from pressure
Optimized Performance

Effectively using the process waste pressure to generate maximum power

Higher steam parameters

Up to 80 bar steam pressure

High reliability

Aviation grade and thermal grade components

Predictive Analysis

Indigenously developed predictive analysis of rotating machines ensures failure proof system

Reduced start-up time

Advanced control system: Up to 50 % less for turbines of small and medium size

Reduced CO2 footprint

15 % reduction of CO2 emissions

Long life cycle

High durability for up to 200,000 h

Key Aspects

Reliability aspects


  • With experience of multiple steam turbine experts and continuous development in turbine technology, Enrecover is well positioned to produce energy from industrial steam with reliable and quality standards.
  • Predictive analysis-based maintenance removes additional cost of periodic maintenance & remove chances of bearing failure.
Flexibility aspects


  • Our EnRePower-P systems are modularized, which allows highest flexibility in manufacturing.
  • After thorough study of your plant process and analysis, we provide tailor-made solution which fits exactly to your needs for power generation.
Quality aspects


  • High quality and customized solutions are guaranteed for every Enrecover system
  • To ensure quality we have gathered the best features of all the steam turbines and incorporated it in our EnRePower-P technology
Safety aspects


  • EnRePower-P system varies with the range of 50 kW up to 2 MW for the industries following the global design standard and safety standards
Cost Reduction aspects

Cost Reduction

  • Enrecover provides simple and effective solution to reduce the operational cost of the industry and reduces the grid dependency for electricity
  • EnRePower-P allows customer to produce efficient electricity from their existing processes thereby reducing electricity bill
Sustainability aspects


  • Green and energy efficient product
  • Clean generation of electricity from waste heat
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

Working Principle

Energy Recovery from pressure

The high-pressure steam is usually generated in boilers of each process industry, this high-pressure stream gets transformed to low pressure steam (As per process requirement) with valves in the process industry. We parallel this existing valve with our system, now high-pressure steam enters in our machine and hits on our patented turbine, resulting in steam expansion & pressure reduction. The output level of process pressure is accurately controlled with an advanced control system. The output pressure is always regulated with a wide input variation range. This differential pressure which was getting wasted in the throttling process of the valve earlier will now generate electricity. Advance generator penetrates power into the industrial grid at unity power factor with all standard generator & system protection.High quality sensor based predictive analysis is implemented, this results into failure proof machine.