EnRePower-T is an ultra-low-grade waste heat to electricity system based on a thermodynamic cycle. Low Grade industrial Waste heat and geothermal heat (70 to 140°C) make up one of the World's largest energy sources and it is highly unutilized today. Our patent pending technology, EnRePower-T, offers utilization of different waste heat sources in industrial complexes or geothermal sites to produce power at variable applications in the processes.

We produce clean energy with our modular design. Thus, we are capable to design and produce system with different operating conditions based on customer requirements.

Waste heat to power generation
Optimized Performance

Effectively using the heat source to generate maximum output power

Adaptive control system

Adapts to all heating and cooling conditions to track MPPT (Maximum Power Point Track)

Superior efficiency

~80 % Turbo-Genset efficiency at full load

Temperature variable

Heat source: 70oC to 350oC
Cold source: 0 – 50oC

Easy maintenance

2 side access and limited space requirement

Highly efficient working fluid

Non-toxic & Environmentally friendly fluid with zero ODP & GWP

Key Aspects

Felxibility aspects


  • EnRePower-T system can be connected to any heat source (Water, waste water, slurry, oil, gas, steam, hot exhaust air etc.)
  • Indigenously developed and assembled in-house
  • Range size up to 20 MW with modular approach
  • Temperature range: from 70°C to 350°C
  • Operation in remote areas: off grid capability (island mode)
Sustainability aspects


  • Green and energy efficient product
  • Clean electricity from waste heat
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Positive Impact on global warming
  • Positive impact on bio-diversity
Simplicity aspects


  • Easy and cost-effective operation & maintenance
  • Fully automated system with optimized performance, no major overhaul, fast start-stop procedures
  • Our compact and modular design allows easy integration within plant with minimal interference in existing process
Continuous monitoring aspects

Continuous monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring and advanced control system allow to optimize the data for greater performance
  • Proactively resolving the issues by predictive mechanism
  • Allow customers to see live energy generation as well as process conditions enabling transparency between management and plant
Real-time system information aspects

Real-time system information

  • The system provides real-time system information and reports. Recorded data is stored in the cloud and can be used to check trailing performance
  • This ensures top notch performance of the system continuously. We monitor every parameter and analyze it to increase profitability of the customers
  • Data allows Enrecover to optimize the performance of EnRePower-T system globally, based on the data from each system’s unique operating conditions
Cost Reduction aspects

Cost Reduction

  • Enrecover provides simple and effective solution to reduce the operational cost of the industry and reduces the grid dependency for electricity
  • ERP allows customer to produce efficient electricity from their existing processes thereby reducing electricity bill

Working Principle

Energy Recovery from temprature

EnRepower-T is a binary system in which the waste heat from source is extracted by the fluid (Refrigerant) and is allowed to expand through specially designed expander to generate power. The main system components involve expander, environment friendly fluid, Phase change unit, cooling unit, Control System & generator. Low grade heat from geothermal and Industrial waste (As low as 80°C) is input for EnRepower-T system.

This heat source is allowed to exchange its heat with our fluid and is passed through expander at higher pressure,Energy gets extracted in expander through the rotating machine. We have designed the expander for optimum energy extraction with direct coupled generator. The generator produces electricity. The fluid is passed to cooling unit where again phase change occurs. This fluid is again recirculated; thus, making it a closed loop cycle.