System Integrations & Allied Services

Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.
We have capabilities to design, interface and install control systems such as CNS systems, Servo Motors & Drives, Spindle Motors & Drive, Feedback Devices for a substantial up-gradation of high valure machine towards and the features required for any revised or latest manufacturing process.

We do complete engineering of control panels for your machines using most latest and widely used IEC standards for low-voltage controls,switchgears, power supplies, cabling and distribution.

Our customer support team for technical support, application develpment and training is available nationwide at al important industrial locations. Our support is avaiable throughput the lifespan of the products. We also provide online support via emails, telephone teamviewer etc. We closely work with the design, development and manufacturing teams of our customers to continuously improve our systems or solutions based on their feedback.
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