Efficient ORC Technology By Enrecover.

  • 100% Clean Electricity
  • 0% Emission
  • Less Than 3yrs payback Period

Enrecover ORC Power system converts low temperature waste heat or geothermal heat into profitable clean electricity. Waste heat is found in large quantities in Gen-sets, power plants and in industrial processes. Various processes such as exhaust gas, waste water is carrying a huge amount of energy also referred to as waste heat. Often, such waste heat is of low temperature quality. It can be difficult to efficiently utilize the heat contained. In these cases the ORC-Technology can bring an additional benefit to raise the overall plant efficiency.
Why Us?

  • ✓ Enrecover provides a professional ORC recommendation based upon your specific situation to realize your own ORC project.
  • ✓ Undertake the research and development of ORC technology and plant internally.
  • ✓ Engineering and project management - Tailor-made solutions to all customers.
  • ✓ A dedicated research and development team aims at developing highly efficient ORC turbine with constant improvements in terms of design and technology.

  • ✓ No need of make-up water for the cycle operation.
  • ✓ ORC produces power at lower temperatures (>85oC) and pressures.
  • ✓ Superior off-design performance allowing electricity production at a reduced heat inputs.
  • ✓ Modular Construction with only three Moving Components.

  • ✓ Mobile-Skid Mounted Stainless Steel Piping and Heat Exchangers.
  • ✓ Proprietary Control System.
  • ✓ Plug and Play remote Monitoring.
  • ✓ Runs in parallel for Multiple KW & MW installation.

  • ✓ Lowest Maintenance requirements in the industry.
  • ✓ Non-Combustion Process.
  • ✓ Zero Toxic by-Products.
  • ✓ Zero Emissions & Zero Fossil Fuel Requirements Carbon Neutral (Negative).



  • Application : Low & Medium temperature heat recovery
  • End Use : Power Generation
  • Advantages :
    • ✓ Low grade waste heat recovery
    • ✓ Reduction in utility consumption
    • ✓ Smaller footprint
    • ✓ Low maintenance cost
    • ✓ Long service life (> 25 years)
    • ✓ +Payback within 3 years
  • Disadvantages :
    • ✓ Higher initial cost (Similar to Cogeneration)

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