We Provide ORC Consultancy
Experts for advanced simulation and design studies
Waste heat is heat, which is generated in a process by way of On the off chance that you need to solve an especially complex outline challenge identified with vitality frameworks, we can help you.
ENRECOVER supports you in the idea generation, plan, design, and analysis of frameworks extending from cutting edge thermodynamic power cycles to exceedingly proficient and flighty turbo-machinery and heat exchangers.
The plan of such frameworks and parts requires particular and expert knowledge from various disciplines for example, thermodynamics, liquid flow, heat exchange, cycle ideas, basic mechanics and elements. Our specialists are prepared in every one of these fields and have cozy associations with top scientists that can enable them to go the additional mile at whatever point that is required.
For Example
✓ We can assist you when you are developing a new turbine or if your turbine is not delivering as much as it should. We have the capability to find optimal geometries using automated optimization coupled to CFD, based on the most advanced computational tools that are available today.
✓ We can help you design an optimal control strategy using a detailed dynamic model of your system.

Design and optimize systems based on current technology

Due to the high level of expertise of our consultants, we have the knowledge to get the best possible performance out of systems that are based on current top-technology.
EnORCToolkit developed for designing Organic Rankine Cycle for low to mid Temperature range.
Please Download Initial Version of EnORCToolkit from below Link.
Download (Note: For Extract Password is enrecover)
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