enrecover recovering energy from  waste

Enrecover converts
low-grade waste heat and steam pressure into clean electricity.

Two Products. One Goal.

A Sustainable Future Through Clean Power

More than 50% of the energy used in the world is released into the environment as waste heat, containing enormous amounts of CO2.

 At ENRECOVER, we offer a solution to harness this squandered heat and pressure energy from industries and geothermal sites by converting it into clean electricity. With Enrecover, you can create a sustainable business with a positive impact on the planet.

Heat Source

Geothermal and waste heat are the world’s largest untapped energy sources. ENRecover-T (ERT) is a reliable and efficient solution for converting waste heat and geothermal energy into usable electricity.

Pressure Source

Industries utilize steam and pressure generated by boilers distributed via pressure regulating valves (PRVs). Enrecover-P (ERP) converts this unutilized steam pressure into usable electricity.

Save On Your Energy Costs With Enrecover

Enrecover enables greater energy efficiency for manufacturing industries that lose energy to waste heat and pressure.

Save money, save energy, save the planet.

Clean Technology

We create net-zero emissions products that support efforts to address global climate change issues.

Economic Benefits

Become energy efficient with Enrecover and reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. Less impact, more savings.


ENRECOVER products inherently work on the basis of converting waste into electricity, resulting in a cumulative overall efficiency effect.


Generates power from waste heat

Enrecover-T (ERT) is a indigenously developed ultra-low-grade waste-to-energy system based on a thermodynamic cycle that converts heat into electricity. Enrecover-T is a modular system designed to efficiently convert low-grade waste heat (80 – 250 oC) from industrial as well as geothermal energy sources into energy. The ERT opens up the possibility to exploit low-grade heat that would otherwise go unused.

Modular Architecture

Eco-friendly Fluid

MPPT Control System


Generates power from differential pressure

Enrecover-P (ERP) is based on the principle of converting industrial waste pressure into electricity. In many industries, steam is generated at high pressure by industrial boilers. Pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) are utilised to reduce steam pressure to the desired level. We recover the energy previously lost in the PRVs’ process and convert it into electricity. Enrecover-P (ERP) technology enables savings through clean power generation.

Customised Efficient Solution MPPT

MPPT Control System With Predictive Analysis

Low-Cost Electricity


0 kWh

energy every year

Generating energy from industrial waste heat, pressure, and geothermal resources are what Enrecover does best. We are here to empower clean and sustainable energy technologies with zero emissions to stop global climate change in its tracks.

Clean Electricity

Our products are designed to create electricity from industrial waste. Save money while you save the planet.

Patented Design

All our designs have been created through extensive research and development with patents that protect us globally.

High Efficiency

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers become energy efficient by reducing their dependence on traditional sources of energy.

Forward Thinking Power Generation

We generate clean energy for a cleaner tomorrow

What are our sources for this energy?

At Enrecover, we tap into many potential heat sources or pressure energy and generate clean energy. Our products convert waste energy into clean energy, providing our customers with maximum savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Heat / Pressure

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Power Process

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Energy Generation

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