converts STEAM pressure to electricity




Our ERP System can substitute your existing PRVs to generate electricity and also provide the
steam for the industry process.

It allows the plant to recover available energy while providing an energy effective way to
reduce steam pressure for various process requirements and also generate clean electricity.

ERP systems comprises of a turbine which can be single-stage or multistage, depending on
plant operating parameters..


converting steam to electricity

In ERP system, the steam expands in the turbine for power generation, and the exhaust steam (as per requisite pressure) is utilised in the plant process for various applications.

ERP system can be installed in industrial processes where there is a requirement of  low- or medium-pressure steam. Highpressure steam enters the ERP system and the steam expands through the turbogenset in a controlled manner where thermal energy is converted into clean electricity.

This also ensures zero interruption to the plant process with precise control over the process pressure requirement of the

Milestone covered

Energy saved with Enrecover-P (ERP)

Clean Electricity units
kgs of CO2 reduced
> 0
Industry Sectors Analyzed
> 0
Industries implemented
0 +

Features & Specification

Highly efficient performance oriented system

Robust design

Robust design & low vibration


Strict quality tests as per international quality standards.

Zero emissions

A clean system with zero emissions


Leakproof & sophisticated design

Fully automated system

Fully automated system for optimum performance

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring with online access to system data


Adaptable, space-saving arrangements

International standards

International design & manufacturing standards

fast installation & service

Modular arrangement for fast installation & service

full lifecycle support

Long term service & full lifecycle support

Technical Specification

  20-2000 kW

L * W * H : 4m * 3m * 2m


Operating Pressure
Low Pressure: 3 kg/cm2
High Pressure: 74 kg/cm2

Service Life
>25 years


Operating Flow Range
Low Flow: 1400 kg/hr
High Flow: 30000 kg/hr

CO2 reduction
>5.94 Mton/kW

Reduction in Energy Consumption

Implementation of a single ERP 100 system results in saving 4.25 lakhs of clean electricity units annually

Green dollars via carbon credit

Additional benefits from CO2 savings of 579 metric tonnes annually from a single ERP 100 system.

Low maintenance

ERP system equipped with predictive maintenance ensures low downtime and minimum maintenance time.

Waste energy recovery

The system recovers unutilised energy which was earlier released in PRV process.

Environment-friendly & sustainable

Our system generates clean electricity which helps industries to meet their Sustainable development Goals

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