converts Waste heat to electricity



Save on Your Energy with Enrecover-T (ERT)

Enrecover is an emerging leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of  Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems that generate electricity by harnessing heat sources such as waste heat from industries and geothermal sources.

Our product fits into most of the major industries to convert the waste heat back to clean electricity. Similarly, we generate electricity from untapped geothermal heat, an abundant renewable resource on our planet.

We are reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and saving the future of the planet!

We are working for a very important cause and we are very serious about it.


converting heat to electricity

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is the governing principle of Enrecover-T (ERT) system. ERT can use waste heat from large process industries to generate electricity.

This waste heat is an input to the Enrecover-T, which passes through the turbine where it can exchange its heat with the organic fluid. Thereafter the energy is extracted in the turbo-genset.

We have designed the turbine for optimum energy yield. The main components of the system are specially designed turbine, heat transfer units, and pumps.

The turbine is directly coupled to a generator producing electricity. The organic fluid is pumped to the condenser, cooled further, and then returned to the circuit, thus making it a closed

Features & Specification

Highly efficiently performance oriented system

Adaptive Control System

The system adapts to all heating/cooling conditions to extract maximum power.

Variable Temperature

The system can operate with low-grade waste heat (80-250 degrees Celsius)

Highly Efficient Working Fluid

Non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly fluid (ODP:0, GWP:1) makes the system highly efficient with low-temperature sources.

Simple Process & Low Maintenance

The enclosure makes the system accessible from all sides.

Intelligent Automation

Fully automated control system for optimum performance in real-time to ensure maximum power generation.


The system is cost-effective to implement, resulting in a high return on investment.

Optimised Performance

The heat source is optimally utilised toward extraction of maximum performance.


Easy manufacturability & maintenance, making the product more reliable.

MPPT Control System

Adapts to all variable input heat sources to deliver maximum output power at all times.

Technical Specification

50 kW (Modular system)

25 years

8-20 % at full capacity

Zero emission

Operating temperature
Heat Source : 80oC to 250oC
Cold Source : 0 to 35oC

Ozone Depletion Potential – 0
Global Warming Potential – 1
Non Toxic- Non Flammable

L * W * H : 3m * 2m * 2m

System can be scaled up to 10 MW capacity with installation in series-parallel configuration

Heat source
Gaseous (steam, waste gases)
Liquid (oil, water, waste water )

Flexibile Environment

The Enrepower-T system can be connected to any heat source (water, wastewater, slurry, oil, gas, steam, hot exhaust air, etc.) The modular system designed and assembled by us can be installed even up to MW scale with series/parallel combinations.

Temperature range: from 80-250°C operation in remote areas: off-grid capability (island mode )


Energy efficient product. Clean electricity from waste heat. Reduction of CO2 emissions.


Easy and cost-effective operation & maintenance Fully automated system with optimized performance, no major overhaul, fast start-stop procedures Our compact and modular design allows easy integration within plant with minimal interference in existing process

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and advanced control system allows to optimize the data for greater performance. Provides live access customers on the energy generation as well as process conditions which enables transparency between management and plant.

Real-time system information

The system provides real-time system information/reports. The recorded data is cloud-stored and can be utilised to check any lag in performance. The live monitoring of critical component with predictive analysis reduces downtime of machine and increases reliability.

Cost Reduction

Enrecover offers a simple and effective solution to lower industry operating costs and reduce grid dependence on electricity. The system enables customers to generate efficient power from their existing plant processes, thereby reducing
electricity bills.

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