How we do it

The Science Behind

By utilising thermodynamic principles, Enrecover systems generate clean power from heat/pressure sources and transfer energy from one form to another.

Enrecover-P (ERP)

Enrecover-P (backpressure steam turbine ) systems, or non-condensing turbines, are most commonly used for process steam applications. Back Pressure turbines expand the live steam from the boiler’s PRV, converting this thermal energy into mechanical energy and uses turbo-genset to generate electricity.

Enrecover-T (ERT)

Enrecover-T operates on the principle of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). It is a binary system where the waste heat is extracted from the source by the fluid and then expanded through the turbine to generate electricity.

The Heat Power Process

Save on Your Energy Costs with Enrecover

With a focus on electrification, automation, and digitalization, Enrecover stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability.

Enrecover-T (ERT)

Enrecover-T (ERT) has been proven itself as an emerging technology utilising low-grade heat. The cycle uses an organic working fluid instead of water, utilising temperatures as low as 80°C to generate electricity.
The ERT product has superior out-of-design performance, enabling power generation at a reduced heat input.

The Source

All industries inadvertently release huge amounts of heat in the form of water, waste water, hot gases, air, oil etc. (80 to 250 oC). All these are potential sources for our ERT system.

The Process

ERT system extracts heat from the sources and exchange this heat with the our organic fluid. Thereafter the energy is extracted by the turbo-genset to generate electricity.

The Technology

Our technology works on Organic Rankin Cycle(ORC) principle. Our modular architecture is designed to cater to variable heat input conditions. Our MPPT based control system provides maximum power.


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Turbine Generator

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Cooling System

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The solution

Enrecover-T (ERT)

Highly Efficient Working Fluid

Non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly fluid (ODP:0, GWP:1) makes the system highly efficient with low-temperature sources.

Simple Process & Low Maintenance

The enclosure makes the system accessible from all sides.


The system is cost-effective to implement, resulting in a high return on investment.

Optimised Performance

The heat source is optimally utilised toward extraction of maximum performance.

Waste Pressure to Electricity

Save on Your Energy Costs with Enrecover

An efficient way of converting high-pressure steam to low-pressure steam and also utilising useful energy content in steam.

Enrecover-P (ERP)

In a backpressure steam turbine, the energy of the high-pressure input steam is efficiently converted into electricity, and the low pressure exhaust steam is utilized for plant process.

Back Pressure Turbines: A type of steam turbine which can be applied in industrial processes where there is a requirement of lower medium-pressure steam. High-pressure steam enters the ERP system and the steam expands through the turbo-genset in a controlled manner where thermal energy is converted into clean electricity.

This also ensures zero interruption to the plant process with precise control over the process pressure requirement of the industry.

The Source

Steam is critical to process industry operations (direct/indirect heating), but steam pressure requirements in a plant varies as per the process. In general, the boiler generates high-pressure steam (depending on the highest pressure demand in the plant) and supplies the steam to different plant operations accordingly.

The Process

The high-pressure steam from the boiler is passed through the PRV/PRDS system in the plant and reaches the temperature and pressure parameters required for the process. In the PRV/PRDS, there is a pressure drop (from high to low) as pressure energy is unutilised in the PRV process.

The Technology

ERP systems can be utilised as an alternative to PRV/PRDS, where the valuable high-pressure steam and available energy will be converted to electricity and used to generate low-pressure steam.

Adaptive Control System

The system can adapt to varied conditions in steam flow/pressure consistent with process needs and ultimately extract maximum energy.

Predictive Analysis

The system detects potential faults before they occur and avoids unplanned downtime during maintenance.

Reliable Turnkey Solution

The system is designed according to the requirements of the plant, with all subsystem components as MTTF.

The solution

Enrecover-P (ERP)

Clean Technology

Enrecover-P (ERP) is a clean system with zero emissions

Fully automated system

The Enrecover control system makes the system fully automated and optimises performance

fast installation & service

Modular arrangement for fast installation & service


Adaptable, space-saving arrangements

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