Oil and Gas Industry

Reduce your carbon emissions and your electricity bills

Reduced Energy Tariff and Immediate Savings

Clean Electricity and Carbon footprint reduction

Fully automated system with real-time data

Energy from Waste Heat as well as Pressure Difference

How does it Work - For Pressure

By exploiting the pressure difference between the inlet and exit lines of the Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) / PRDs of the steamline, our product converts this loss in pressure energy into usable electricity at the plant using the principle of back pressure Steam Turbine.

What do we do - Pressure

Substitute the existing PRV/ PRDS system with Enrecover-P system to produce clean electricity. Electricity generation is continuous as long as the plant operates with the desired outlet pressure required for the process.

How does it Work - For Heat

We can capture low grade waste heat upto as low as 85°C from the effluents and convert it to usable electricity using the principle of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

What do we do - Heat

Our ERT system is installed to take in the waste heat source effluent into our system to capture this waste heat and convert it to electricity and release the effluent with a lower temperature for disposal.

Save on Your Energy Costs with Enrecover

Our product is a best fit solution in the pasteurisation, butter making processes, etc.


A Boxed-up Solution

A unique and modular design put into a box as a single system.

A wide range Solution

Our system can work for a high range of temperatures and pressures

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Fully automatic system with remote diagnostics and predective analysis for low maintenance time

Potential Saving per Annum

Average Potential 250kW/Annum
Average Savings ₹ 90,33,750/Annum

Zero interruption to existing plant processes with maximum benefits

Advanced MPPT Control System

Predictive Maintenance for least possible downtime

Smart Automation with Remote Monitoring

Optimum Solution as per the product - Modular/ Tailormade

Highly reliable components for a competent System

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