Cement Industry

Reduce your electrical bills and dependency on the grid

Reduced Energy Tariff and Immediate Savings

Clean Electricity and Carbon footprint reduction

Fully automated system with real-time data

Convert your waste heat into useful electricity

How does it Work

ERT system consists of 3 major components :
Phase changer, which transfers heat to internal working fluid.
Turbo-Gen package which coverts the thermal energy to electricity.
Cooling system that transfers heat out of the module to the cooling water circuit.

What do we do

We capture low grade waste heat as low as 85oC from the effluents and convert it to usable electricity and release the effluent with a lower temperature for further activities in plant.

Save on Your Energy Costs with Enrecover

We offer the best energy effiient solution for saving on energy costs while maintaining temperature gradient in rotary kiln.

Environment Friendly Fluid

Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) - 0, Global Warming Potential (GWP) - 1

Unique Technology

Untilised heat, which is being wasted is convereted to electricity and this can significantly support the Sustainable Development Goals of Organisations

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Fully automatic system with remote diagnostics and Predictive analysis. Enclosed system with an additional aesthetic appeal.

Potential Saving per Annum

Average Potential 250kW/Annum
Average Savings ₹ 90,33,750/Annum

Modular system

Advanced MPPT Control System

Predictive Maintenance for least possible downtime

Smart Automation with Remote Monitoring

Zero emmisions from system and Low utility consumption

Highly reliable components for a competent System

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